Exotic Car Rental Dubai

Exotic Car Rental Dubai

Few things are more exciting than renting an exotic car in Dubai. As a city renowned across the globe for its abundance of exotic cars and supercars, many renters choose to rent an exotic car in Dubai to gain a slice of the VIP action. Exotic cars are typically sports cars — often supercars — that have unique characteristics and high-end performance to set them out from the crowd. Typical characteristics include super-fast acceleration, ultra-high engine sound, and huge street appeal. Major brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, and McLaren are among the most popular examples.

How to rent a car in Dubai

How to rent a car in Dubai

Exotic car rental in Dubai is a straightforward and fast process. While it is possible to rent a car in person or on arrival in Dubai, the easiest method is to hire a car online. Ordering in advance guarantees the car will be available and ready for use on the required date. Renting online has many other advantages as well. It is more cost-effective and easier to compare prices from different brands at a glance. To rent an exotic car in Dubai, visit a reputable provider, such as us, and then browse through the extensive listings of rental cars. After finding a suitable car and price, the vehicle can be booked within seconds. It is even possible to have the car delivered to a particular location (e.g. the airport or a hotel), providing great convenience.

How old to rent a car in Dubai

Renters in Dubai must be aged 21 years and above. This is the minimum legal requirement to hire a vehicle in the UAE. Exotic car rental sometimes requires renters to be aged 25 or above. However, the age requirement is usually at the discretion of the rental company. The reason for this is simple: exotic cars tend to have tremendous power. They are typically suited to more experienced drivers, due to their speed and price tag. Insurance requirements may also require age 25 and above. This is not a hard-and-fast rule, and it will vary from company to company.

When to book a rental car in Dubai

When to book a rental car in Dubai

There are many situations when it makes sense to book a rental car in Dubai. For exotic cars, a popular reason is fun and excitement. Test-driving a supercar or high-end sports model for the day provides renters with a thrilling experience. Another popular reason to rent a car is airport transfers. Driving to and from the airport in an exotic car really is the best way to live the “Dubai lifestyle”. Events, conferences, and exhibitions are also popular with car renters. And for business visitors to Dubai, renting a car is often the most practical, cost-effective way to travel.

Top tips for renting a car in Dubai

Paying extra for comprehensive insurance with a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is very worthwhile. Getting familiar with UAE traffic laws and regulations is also recommended. Renters are responsible for traffic and parking fines. Never venture outside of the UAE or the agreed area. Always keep the car topped up with fuel.

Rent a car Dubai without deposit

In the vast majority of cases, a deposit is required to rent a car in Dubai. This is especially true with exotic car rental in Dubai. A deposit acts as security for the rental firm. Customers receive their deposit back upon return of the vehicle.

Dubai car rental information

Dubai car rental information

In this section, we outline further information on exotic car rental in Dubai. Much of the information also applies to economy, mid-range, and luxury car hire.

How to get cheap luxury car rental

For people seeking cheap luxury car rental, the best approach is to shop around, ideally using an online car rental provider. Comparing different brands and models online allows customers to easily find an affordable car to meet their requirements. While many luxury cars — including exotic cars — are more expensive than economy models, there are still many great deals to be had. It is also worth exploring the numerous mid-range offerings to get cost-effective luxury.

What is a luxury enterprise rental car?

An enterprise rental car is typically a sedan or SUV with a luxurious interior and professionally-styled exterior. Many business travelers to Dubai opt for an enterprise car to portray a professional image, to meet and greet business associates, and attend conferences and exhibitions. Most luxury enterprise rental cars have high-end interior features that provide superb comfort for the driver and passengers. Many also have the latest technology to enhance the driving and interior entertainment experience.

Which car to choose for luxury car rental

For anyone seeking luxury car rental, there are ample options available. For high-end luxury, prestige cars from brands like Rolls-Royce and Bentley are the standout choices. But there are many SUVs available to rent with luxurious interior and exterior styling. Typical examples include Porsche, Range Rover, and Chevrolet. These give a commanding view of the road and can typically transport greater numbers of passengers. For those wanting something more exotic, supercars from the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini provide great thrill and excitement.

After-hours drop-off availability

Renters who require a car dropping off after-hours will find there is plenty of flexibility. Many travelers to Dubai arrive late at night or early in the morning. They need a hire car to drive on arrival in order to continue their journey uninterrupted. In the majority of cases, the rental firm can drop off the car at the airport, a hotel, and most other locations. When booking, be sure to clarify the arrangements with the rental company well in advance. This will ensure the car is ready on time and at the correct location.

Use of toll roads

There are numerous toll roads in Dubai. These are known as Salik gates. There are a total of eight toll gates spread across the city. Drivers are required to register and pre-pay before travel. Paying for Salik gates is easy and can be completed online. The car rental company will be able to assist with this process if required. An electronic Salik tag is attached to the car window. This is then scanned when drivers pass through toll gates. Charges are taken automatically from the online account.

Mileage restrictions

The maximum amount of mileage customers can reach depends on the rental agreement. More affordable plans typically incorporate a lower amount of mileage. Flexible mileage plans are available from some providers, as are high mileage plans. In the event that a customer goes over the allocated mileage, the additional cost is added on to the agreement and will be due upon return of the vehicle. Renters are responsible for keeping the fuel tank topped up with fuel throughout the agreement.

Deposit required upon pickup

A deposit is nearly always required upon collection of the car. Customers will find the vast majority of rental firms in Dubai operate a similar security deposit scheme. The reason is to provide protection for the rental firm. The cost of deposit varies depending on the policy of the company and the type of car being rented. More expensive cars typically have a higher security deposit than economy models. Customers will receive the deposit back upon return of the car.